The Hybrid Event Model

The new wave.

Hybrid events might have been a product of the pandemic, but their staying power is proving to be quite the force.  Don’t get us wrong, in-person events have come back in a meaningful way. Some may even argue, in Miami, they never really went anywhere to begin with. But it’s safe to say hybrid events have changed the world of events forever. 

For one, it’s convenient. Participants can log in remotely from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection and an enabled device. Attendance these days can look like a set of headphones while sitting in traffic, a laptop by the side of the pool, or the comfort of a home office. 

It’s cost effective. Traveling is not free. Hybrid events can reduce or even eliminate the cost of airfare, hotel, transportation, and incidentals. The changing economics can make networking more accessible both financially and geographically.  

It allows for flexibility. Not everyone is ready to travel again. Hybrid events allow for all levels of comfort and personal responsibility, while allowing wiggle room for low risk and able populations. 

Sponsors, Galore.

With lower cost and theoretically infinite reach, we’re not the only ones taking a look at hybrids. Investors everywhere understand the value of greater reach. And with a bigger audience to reach, sponsors are reaching deeper into their pockets.

Network and networth.

At the end of the day, it’s all about connection. Here at Ampersand, our specialized in-house events team knows all about how to keep a hybrid event running smoothly. 

The platform is key. You need something that can manage your intended flow. From creating breakaway groups in smaller virtual rooms, to generating a streamlined way for participants to exchange contacts and ideas, there are no limits to how networking can flourish. 

Our space is outfitted with some of the fastest internet in the city, state of the art sound studio and tethering abilities, and plug and play capacity, making it perfectly equipped to handle almost any virtual-enabled event. 

Our in-house dedicated events concierge team is ready to handle all the technical and day-of components of a hybrid event so that the organizer can focus on what really matters: connecting people and delivering great content.



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Gain access to our monthly newsletter filled with content to spark your creativity featuring thought-provoking programming & stories.