The New F1 Racer

Valentina Lara

young bloods

Some of the youngest drivers to date are dominating the track. It’s a refresh many didn’t see coming, but with the advent of new behind-the-scenes series’ and mainstream attention, it’s no doubt F1 has galvanized the next generation of fans and racers alike.  We wanted to shine a spotlight on one of the youngest and most promising talents the sport has seen: Yuki Tsunoda, the 21 year old from Japan. Here are some quick facts you should get to know.

his history

His father, a racer himself, competed in a Japanese local racing series at Nakai Inner Circuit. Watching him ignited Yuki’s fascination in the sport, leading him to karting at the age of four. He progressed up the ranks of Japanese karting, before moving to cars with a step up to national F4 in 2016.

his car

A body made of carbon-fibre monocoque and Halo safety cockpit protection device. Powered by a Honda RA620H 1.6 L (98 cu in) direct injection V6 turbocharged engine limited to 15,000 rpm in a mid-mounted, rear-wheel-drive layout.

In plain English, a moderately impressive engine, but with great potential.

his racing style

As Trevor Carlin, founder of Carlin Motorsport, puts it “A real feisty racer”. We think that is all you need to know about his very aggressive style.

his motivation

“I know what my weak points are, I have all of my experience from last year to build on and I have been working hard to be ready. Last year, if anything unexpected or unusual happened, I could not adapt quickly enough to deal with the situation, which is why I struggled in a lot of races.”