At Ampersand Studios, we understand the founder’s story. In addition to housing a space that’s designed to help you create, we also want to help get you there faster.

Our &Grow program allows us to serve as a creative incubator that prioritizes launch services for start-ups and small businesses. The initiative empowers us to put time and resources behind your enterprise through business growth support, production services, and marketing strategy and services.

“The environment at Ampersand Studios has allowed our team to be more integrated, increase the creative flow of information and experience a collaborative working environment.”


“The Beacon Council is strongly committed to building and expanding Miami’s creative community. Ampersand Studios is a valuable asset for that community, as they give creative companies a platform to scale in Miami’s Arts & Entertainment district.”

Diana Londono, Vice President,
International Economic Development, Beacon Counci

“Ampersand gave me the momentum and liberty I needed to express myself creatively. Their team was there to facilitate every aspect of our project and the layout of their facility was made for the creative at heart. I believe Ampersand has captured the moment creatively and serves as an imagination friendly playground for the creative industry.”

Giano Currie, Award-Winning Fine Arts
Photographer & Artist


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