silhouette of people working in big production studio
Silhouette of people working in big production studio for shooting or recording movie video by digital camera and lighting set.
ampersand studios film set 1


Whether you need a New York-style loft, a cozy living room, a grocery store, or anything in between, our 8,000 sq. ft Film Set environment sets the scene for endless production possibilities. Directors, producers, and their crew have all the space they need to turn creative vision into reality. Wardrobe, hair and make-up rooms, a client area, and a kitchen for your cast and crew come with rental. Additional perks include meeting areas, a kitchen, and much more –not to forget a central Miami location with easy access from the city, beach and airport.

“The Ampersand Studios management team has been a key source of support, helping us custom design our office layout to make it uniquely ours and brainstorm with us other creative ideas for how to leverage the artistic space for events, photo and video shoots.”

ELP Brands

Film studio rental starts at $80 per hour.

The whole building provides multiple backdrops and flexible spaces for a film set. Professional and thoughtfully designed, with high ceilings and the facilities to shoot TV Commercials, Film shoots, Product shoots, and virtual interviews and events.

We provide all the facilities, equipment and backdrops for any events or talks that you might need to hold virtually for your audience.

Typically the director will instruct the type, use & position of the lights on set and we have an in-house Studio Manager who can help with this.

A production sound mixer or sound engineer are usually responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the filming or television production using professional audio equipment.

The Film Electrician lays cable and sets up lights for the Gaffer on a film set. There are two types: a Rigging Electric and an On-Set Electric.

Yes, we have had many film sets built within and adjacent to our space by many clients including: Google, Adidas, Home Depot & Heinz.

We have gone to great lengths to upgrade our facilities and implement stringent Covid-19 safety measures throughout the building & for all of our Members.


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