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Inspirational moments, creative corners and a variety  of inspirational scenes for striking visual content. Our spaces can be customized to hit your brief.

Need equipment to help bring your idea to life? We offer equipment rental services and production consultations from one of our in-house creative experts.

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Ampersand Studios is a state of mind. Walk in and experience the creativity fueled by our vibrant hive of talent.

We help you bring your visual and audio productions to life in our dedicated studios and on our sound stage backed up by top-level amenities. 


Vinyl backdrops provide a durable and resilient solution for photo shoots and video production. Their matte finish eliminates unwanted glare and reflections, creating a consistent lighting environment for professional-looking results. Effortless to clean and maintain, vinyl backdrops are perfect for projects involving spills or messes, allowing for a quick and hassle-free cleanup. Additionally, these backdrops remain wrinkle-free, offering a smooth, seamless background that enhances visual appeal. With the ability to reproduce vibrant colors and sharp details, vinyl backdrops elevate the overall aesthetics of your creative projects.


Ampersand Studios offers a range of studio equipment rentals to cater to the diverse needs of creative professionals. Rentals include cameras and lenses, lighting equipment, audio gear, grip equipment, backdrops and green screens, essential accessories, and editing stations with industry-standard software.

Membership starts at $80 per month for a Virtual Office, or $199 per month for a Resident Membership (hot desk) with a range of flexible options to suit your needs.

Our coworking space offers an all-inclusive membership: WiFi, office solutions, building facilities with full amenities, and month-to-month terms.

Yes, we understand that in these times, flexibility is key, so we work closely with individuals and teams to offer flexible Membership options to help your growing business.

We offer complimentary Studio use in line with your Membership requirements, and for the visual creator we offer an &Content Creator Membership with 10 hours inclusive use of all our Production Facilities.

Yes, we offer complimentary and discounted printing options for all Members to suit your individual needs.

Yes, you can bring guests to work. We have a expansive 1st floor open work space so you can meet and collaborate with your guests.

Yes, four legged friends are allowed.


Experience Miami’s creative sanctuaries. As the sun sets, our collaborative spaces embrace innovators of all kinds to embark on a journey beyond boundaries and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

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