The Creative Class

Valentina Lara


For better or for worse, the gig economy is on the rise- especially in the creative sector.  Maybe it’s Richard Florida’s master plan gone awry– maybe it’s PTSD (Pandemic Traumatic Systemic Disillusionment)- maybe it’s the very public knowledge that people can make an honest six figures reposting memes and dancing for ten to fifteen second intervals on camera- but people are leaving the corporate world in hordes, fueling a new wave of DIY business models.  

And we are all for it. 

Now more than ever: content is king. Today’s audience is constantly connected and utterly insatiable. Even with countless hours of content out there, demand still far outweighs supply. We believe this, combined with the newfound desire to express and be heard is the driving force for the creative swell that is, in some ways, at its thirstiest. 

At Ampersand Studios, we welcome creators, seasoned and new, to find their audience. We celebrate independent spirits- from lone wolves to tight teams- and welcome them to our tribe. This past year alone we’ve revamped our entire first floor, launched in-house consultancy services, and fostered strategic partnerships designed to help new creative businesses flourish. 

The world is changing, and the way we work is changing with it. But for us, these are charted waters. We’re just riding the wave.  

Schedule a tour and see for yourself.