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Ampersand Studios exists to inspire & support creative people, both individually and collectively. We provide an unparalleled space and the functional capabilities that enable you to express your talent and bring ideas to life.

In this rapidly-changing world more and more people are looking for flexibility in their work and personal life, with an emphasis on wellness. Many businesses face the challenges of restructuring or expanding with an increasingly remote workforce. Adapting to ever-changing circumstances with flexible office options may well be the smart solution.


Flexibility is key at Ampersand Studios. We provide month-to-month, all-inclusive lease options for thoughtfully-designed workspaces and the amenities and conveniences for you to be productive. With health in mind, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe as you transition back to work.


What do we do differently? We offer you a complete toolkit to realize your vision for scintillating Content Production. Every nook and cranny of our production facilities is designed, built and packaged to enhance original creativity. Our stylish, witty and warm environment combines specially-curated content rooms with a focus on smart, individualized service.


This time has given us an opportunity to offer more to our Members. In our efforts to expand our capabilities, we’re excited to launch &Grow, a Strategic Partnership designed to deliver solution-based services to help your business to flourish. Furthermore, we are proud to introduce &Pulse, a digital access facility that allows you to connect, discover, learn, and grow through an elevated program of panels, workshops and classes, with a focus on Health & Wellness.

We are passionate about building a creative community, where authentic connections are made and collaborations take place. Our mission? To house a creative culture, by supporting the individuals who shape it.

We have formed strategic relationships to support both our Members and the wider community in Miami. By working with our Partners, we are proud to offer a platform and the resources to help your business grow.

Strategic Partners


While we step into a new era, Ampersand Studios has designed a way for you to be more connected than ever before.


Our Digital Access allows you to connect, discover, learn, and grow with a renewed focus on Health & Wellness. Expand your knowledge, be inspired and evolve with specially curated, virtual workshops, panel events and exclusive access to our community of creative visionaries, where you can continue to connect and build meaningful business relationships.




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Gain access & spark your creativity with our thought-provoking Workshops, Panels & Journal essays.


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