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Valentina Lara

Take a seat, please.

We sat with one of the co-founders of SeatGeek Russ D’Souza about the who, what and where of the emerging mobile focused tech platform and app. 

The What, in your own words

Russ: SeatGeek is a technology platform that’s transforming the live-events experience for fans, teams, and venues. If you’re going to a game or a concert, you’ve probably used our app to purchase your tickets. In terms of what I do, I’m mainly focused on signing deals with our enterprise clients. SeatGeek is a consumer marketplace that allows fans to find, buy, and attend events, but we also have an enterprise business that is the ticketing technology powering a variety of teams, leagues, and venues to be able to sell their tickets directly to consumers. 

When I’m not doing that, I spend a lot of time ensuring our 600+ company has our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts always top of mind and integrated into our day-to-day.

What gets you going and out of bed?

Russ: The work we do at SeatGeek and the people who work at the company. Live-events is something that touches everyone and to be able to bring fans together in-person while making the entire live-event experience amazing for our clients, is what I love. There’s something powerful about connecting strangers around their shared energy and passions, whether that’s sports, music, or theater.

Something you cannot live without.
one word only answers.


Where do your brightest ideas start?

Russ: My best ideas start with meditating first thing in the morning. This is where I get centered; a very important part of setting myself up to be my best. That said, my brightest ideas come from being in a physical room with my co-workers where we gather to brainstorm and the sparks start to fly. I believe that the best ideas come from connecting in-person just like going to a game or concert is best experienced with friends or even strangers who share the same passion.

decompression is key, where does that happen for you?

Russ: The golf course. It’s social, yet relaxing, and it allows me to be outside in nature.

Feeling your vibrational best – go.

I tend to overextend myself so understanding my sleep patterns and being rested is key. I personally love my Oura ring which helps me do this. It’s all about orienting myself around a schedule that I know allows me to operate at my best. 

WHY Ampersand?

The Ampersand Studios have been great for our small team that’s based here in Miami. I just moved here from NYC where SeatGeek is headquartered so it’s been great for meeting new people and getting to know some of the other companies here. I definitely appreciate the events and community building that Ampersand facilitates.

Any other fun facts?

I recently got married which was one of the proudest moments of my life. The wedding was delayed due to Covid but well worth the wait. All of our close friends were there and it was truly a special weekend of celebration and gathering with friends  and family who we hadn’t seen in years.