Seeing Green – 5 Plants for a Healthier Home

Valentina Lara

With much to do with plant-based living and the green thumb side of things, we noticed that it sort of escapes most people. So we went ahead and did some of the homework for you, and put together a shortlist of in-home easy maintenance greenery. Each one, with a bit of personality, placed neatly (or not) in a room to give you some perspective with care instructions. It might also serve as some home decor inspiration too… two lists in one, maybe we did a lot more homework than we thought.


Does exceptionally well in every lighting condition, but maybe not in complete darkness.

When convenient, dust leaves with a damp cloth in the evening (cocktail optional).

Water when soil is a little dry, night hydration is key, but not so much in winter.


Sun, lots of sun, and then even more sun.

Please don’t dust, but do spray once a month, even less is good too.

Yes, it’s that easy.


Check the soil every other week or so, if dry, give a good dose of H2o in the pot.

You can mist with water every so often to keep it humid.

Likes sun, will grow for indirect versions of it. Basically anything diffused through a window.


Take a feel on the top layer of soil, water when dry – simple and forgiving.

Indirect sunlight is its best friend and regular misting doesn’t hurt.


Water only when soil is dry, this is the camel of plants, its leaves hold plenty of water.

Enjoys long days in the heat, just avoid direct sunlight.