Member Spotlight: Bryan Dillard

We know our community members, so we thought what better time then, for you to get to know them too. We sat with Bryan Dillard and asked a few questions, here’s what he had to say.

&: What are the pillars of your company, and what inspires your ideas?

BD: Media Monsters is a collaboration of like-minded creatives with a passion for building unique media products. Team work makes the dream work.

In general, I’m inspired by the endless possibility in our transforming world. The simple idea that you can achieve what you put your mind to. From a business standpoint, I’m inspired by brands that value culture and people. The entrepreneurs or CEO’s that worked their way up the ladder with these values. Bob Igor is the most recent person to Inspire me. His story of moving from essentially the PA position at ABC studios to becoming the CEO of the Walt Disney Company. I truly enjoy hearing people’s stories and find inspiration in others.

&: 4 words that describe you?

BD: Dreamer, Determined, Passionate, Sophisticated

&: Near future scenario, what’s getting you going and excited?

BD: The world is in a unique scenario currently. In the upcoming months I’m excited for the innovation and early adoption of tech/ service/ process developed in quarantine. I believe our markets, consumer behavior, and way of life will transform. The real excitement is the opportunity this has created to venture out of our routines and norms to explore/develop out of the box ideas. This is a time to learn and challenge yourself to progress. At Media Monsters we are launching our demo reels and have a new website in progress. I’m looking forward to showing the world.

&: It’s known that balance is key, but what does that mean for you?

BD: I’m still learning the art of a balanced lifestyle. As for now, I believe the secret to balance in life is frequently stepping out of the daily routine to re-establish clarity. For me personally this is traveling, attending sporting events, and visiting family.

You can connect with Bryan in person or

IG @viralzcrew





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Gain access to our monthly newsletter filled with content to spark your creativity featuring thought-provoking programming & stories.