The 27th Letter

Valentina Lara

The 27th letter of the alphabet isn’t something you hear much about. It’s sort of special that way. Actually it’s often thought of as a symbol. Have you guessed it yet? We’ll help, it’s the name of our studio. “&” spelled out, and phonetically is Am·per·sand /ˈampərˌsand/ This shape of infinite connections used in almost every text meant to abbreviate the link between two words is like the glue binding together every facet of the written language.  Yep, all of that from a few lines drawn together. You see everything from fine art to DYI expressionism is routed in the way we perceive it, and conceptually it is quite simple, but simple doesn’t mean plain.

The origin of the ampersand can be traced back to the Latin word et, meaning ‘and’. Writing the word this way could save time, with one letter flowing seamlessly into the next – a form of cursive or joined-up writing. And that’s the point, in the reimagining of AMPERSAND STUDIOS, we’re making sure to connect all the dots, and connect our community. Our approach and philosophy is so closely tied to the magnetic symbolism of that shape, flowing, shaping, changing over time. From every visual touchpoint, looking at the way it repeats creating infinite possibilities, and constant transformation in energy.

Sounds pretty out there, honestly, but that’s just it – it takes a little bit of outside-of-the-box thinking to get to the great stuff. So, that was a little history lesson, mixed in with philosophic brainstorming. Not bad for a Monday read, right?