Valentina Lara

Jeanne Canto is one of those people you take notice of quickly if you have a keen eye. Her vision of the world is one needed in our time. From her world in architecture design, to photography and sourcing vintage furniture, she has, over time, developed a taste level that is enviable, although she probably wouldn’t see it that way – humility is another character asset of hers.

We had the chance to catch her in between shoots over the phone, and asked her a few questions that dove in between her disciplines and gave some insight into her world. Below is the conversation, interwoven with some of her design and photographic work.


Missing the shot! From secret proposals to trying to catch that perfect sunrise, there’s always pressure to capture that perfect moment.

As an architectural designer, you view the world a little differently, spaces take on new meaning – can you give us an idea of what feeling(s) wash over you when you walk into a space that is “just right”

It’s funny because in school we all as a group noticed that our perception of the world was changing. It was like getting a secret code for how the built environment works. That being said, when a space is really “just right” every should be able to notice it, that’s the beauty of those kinds of places.

The 5 tools you cannot photograph without

My manfrotto tripod, a geared tripod head, the ipad pro, my trusty 24-70mm g master and the camranger!

On the secret list of things you’ve learned while sourcing furniture, what’s your free piece of advice?

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help, whether it’s a thrift shop owner, another thrift shoper or someone you bought a piece from on offer up. This is extra valuable if you’re shopping in a new city/area and want to get an insider tip!

Music feeds the soul, so does art and a whole host of other things, but what’s your soundtrack right now? Playlist? Album? Deep cuts?

Anything, everything disco is my jam right now. It has gotten me through this crazy month with a positive, uplifting vibe. “I Want Your Love” by CHIC, anything Sister Sledge, “Get Down Saturday Night” Oliver Chetham and a deeper cut is “So Good, So Right” by Imagination.

Your wireless tether is really cool. Everyone has their own flavor when it comes to how to use this stuff, but any particular reason you chose CamRanger?

It’s just the best! I was originally using the Sony wireless app, Imagine Edge, but it straight up sucks. When I started assisting for an architectural photographer here in Miami, Kris Tamburello, he used camranger. From then on I became obsessed with the speed, image quality and versatility of the camranger and noticed a lot of other photographers who used it as well.