&SPOTLIGHT: Caitlin Bendersky

Caitlin Bendersky is a founding member of AMPERSAND and head of her eponymous marketing firm.

We love our members and love to open a window into their worlds.

In this month’s MEMBER SPOTLIGHT we took to asking Caitlyn a few questions off the cuff while we captured some details of her working space in AMPERSAND.

Thing you can’t live without?

Well it may be obvious but I cannot leave the house without my phone and Mac laptop! I can work from anywhere and love that flexibility. Give me an iced macchiato and I’m ready for the day. Thank goodness Miami has amazing coffee, so whether it’s Vice across the street from Ampersand or another local cafe I know where to find a good strong espresso. Maybe mascara too.. looking good while getting after the day always helps.

Where do you’re brightest ideas come from?

Daydreaming and good conversations with other people. I find listening well to what someone’s road block is or struggle has been sends my mind searching for better solutions.. I’m really good at solving puzzles! But leaving quiet moments for free thought is crucial, even if it’s a silent car ride or morning shower.

Favorite place to decompress?

Hiding at home in our back yard is relaxing to me. We have a sauna and pool so it’s not a bad place to hide and decompress. If I still need to be productive and want to hide my two secret gems are Marasa Cafe on 41st, they are the same owners as the Dior Cafe and have a hidden back courtyard, and Faena Hotel’s library off the lobby is always empty so I love to hide there especially while waiting for my clients across the street at the Faena Bazaar by Curio.

When do you feel your best?

First thing in the morning after a fresh nights sleep, when things feel they are aligning and I hit the ground running. When I’m productive early in the morning and everyone (i.e. my kiddos) are where they need to be and I get a jump start on my clients and my girls in the office. It’s very zen for me.



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