Valentina Lara

11 months

3 weeks 

7 days 

The time that has elapsed since the world as we knew it began to change,

even before we began to realize it


Time is such a curious thing when you step aside and let it pass by. We’ve often found ourselves feeling as if we’ve lost so much of it, unable to conjure up the specifics of things in the mess of the past year. But when you begin to take stock of all you’ve learned, for better or worse, you deserve to feel an amazing sense of accomplishment – better yet, a “we actually made it through” feeling. From inspired ideas of the digital age, to literal willpower to simply create. Problem solving at its finest.


While many of us still face realities that are unimaginable from one person to the next, the collective shift doesn’t discriminate by class or creed, it is humanity that is changing before our eyes. Darwinism be damned because we are courageous, resilient and capable. You, yes you, should feel good about that and gain a sense of pride in yourself that is unmatched by any failures you encounter, because they’re just new opportunities in disguise.


What a time to be here, what a time to value the present and all that you have in it. We know, it’s complex, feelings of the present mixed with dreams of a quick return to the wonder years before Covid. But science has created breakthroughs in ways that we could have never imagined. Necessity really is the mother of all invention.


We’ve paused in so many ways, or at least felt like a large brake was pulled with such force none of us knew the vehicle had stopped. Momentum has carried us forward and our natural resilience has forced us to adapt our lives and habits. But with that, the opportunity to stop, rest, reset and start afresh.


And yet, beginning to end, the growth is no less monumental, for all of us. This is the pinnacle of what makes us, well, us. We have the capacity to constantly evolve. Your presence, be it strong or quieted by the world around you, should never be softly tucked away, it should be cherished, as you gain that bit of newness, you allow others to do the same simply by being you. That creativity within, setting new boundaries and benchmarks. So this next year is really one of a kind for new chapters, let the thoughts of all you’ve gotten through calm your mind, strengthen your resolve and launch it into what’s to come.

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.”

― Joseph Campbell