Netflix’s Hidden List

Neil Watson


Streaming platforms are our new comfort food. It’s easy to get sucked into endless seasons, new releases, and let’s face it – movies you’ve seen multiple times. So, we’ve taken the liberty of unearthing some hidden gems on Netflix to help curb your appetite and hit all your senses at once. Here is our hidden Netflix list:

HOOPS – Animated series. 

This isn’t your child’s cartoon, it toes on the line between BIG MOUTH and Bob’s Burgers. Both of which are shows worth bingeing on. Set in small-town America – the head coach of the high school basketball team is voiced by Jake Johnson from New Girl and Let’s be Cops. It’s good slapstick humor, should you need a laugh, and we think we all need a laugh. 

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Film

Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo in full drag circa 1995. We’ll leave it there. Great message and even better entertainment given the time period it was set in. We’ll let you dig into the rest. 

HIGH SCORE – Short Series

Do you wonder how we evolve so quickly? Technological advancements quadrupling by the week? We wonder, and this is the series that starts ripping away at the fabric of the video game console from the very beginning. It really highlights just how we consume the screens in front of us, and how increasingly over the years, have come to commodify brainpower from solely something meant to entertain. That’s our take, anyway.

The Italian Job – A classic film. Period.

The cast is a literal who’s who of action, comedy, and suspense film heroes. Which is the perfect combination of star power and great acting, while real-life stunts and practical effects (no CGI) are the backdrops of the insane set pieces all over Europe. Did we mention the cast?

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