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Meet Carli Grommet, Owner and Lead Designer of CG Studio Interiors, and Ampersand Studios Nashville Member. 

“My business specializes in creating luxury residential interiors through architecture + design, providing white glove, turnkey service to our clients in the greater Nashville area and beyond. I’ve been working in the design industry since 2017, and I started this company in 2022 and am so grateful to be able to do what I do.”

What’s something we don’t know about you? I grew up in Seattle, Washington and much of my personal design preference is influenced by my upbringing and the natural landscapes of the northwest. I love spending time in nature, traveling and experiencing new places as I believe this is one of the best ways to gain inspiration in my work. I also love to draw + garden in my free time. 

What inspires or motivates you to get out of bed? Honestly, the opportunity to be the main driver of my career and future is what motivates me. I am so proud to have created a business that allows me to hold space for my personal life and keep up healthy boundaries between work and personal life. Personal wellness is so important, and in my line of work it can be really easy to focus on the wellbeing of my clients (which is SO important and one of our main goals in our company), but often designers can become so overloaded by the magnitude of a project that we overlook our own wellness, needs and rest. One of my main motivators is my goal to maintain this lifestyle of personal care and prioritization, while also creating a wonderful experience for my clients – I truly believe that those two things can co-exist. 

What is one thing you can’t live without? This is a hard choice, but I would probably say music.  

Where do your brightest ideas come from? I love listening to podcasts on various topics, business and otherwise, and often feel inspired in both an entrepreneurial and creative sense. As I mentioned before, I also love to travel and experience different cultures and ways of living. I always come home from a trip feeling so inspired and ready to apply some of those ideas to my projects. 

How do you spark your creativity when you’re feeling in a rut? Being in a creative industry, it can often feel like we have to turn on creativity in moments where we may not be feeling it and this can definitely be a struggle. As simple as it sounds, sometimes just going on a walk outside for 30 minutes or looking up from my devices and sitting in silence helps me personally to clear space in my brain and recenter on the creative task I need to focus on. 

Where is your favorite place to decompress & unwind? I absolutely love the Oregon Coast, and love spending time there any time I can.  

When do you feel your best, and what do you do to stay in good vibrations? I feel my best when I know I’m operating in a way that’s true to who I am at my core. I start most of my mornings with positive affirmation meditation and this really helps to center me. I also practice yoga, and these mindfulness practices really help me to zoom out and see the big picture. As a business owner, these practices are so helpful for me to stay grounded and remember that not everything is as emergent as it can sometimes feel. 

Why did you choose Ampersand Studios as your workspace? I love the environment, aesthetically and also people-wise. It’s clear that it’s a community of creatives and driven individuals, and I love to surround myself with like-minded people who inspire me. 

You can connect with the CG Studio Interiors team at www.cgstudiointeriors.com and follow them on Instagram @cgstudiointeriors.



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