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This month’s &Member Spotlight series features Julio Muñiz, Founder and Lead Strategist at Unofficial Media, a one-stop agency offering marketing strategy, content development, and production services for Music and Entertainment industry companies, small businesses, and independent professionals.

Aside from Unofficial Media’s client work, Julio and his team have in-house projects, including 2 podcasts, YouTube channels and a newsletter, where they share relevant content backed by their +25 years experience in the creative and content production fields. Julio started working at Ampersand Studios to connect and create with his team, “the space, the environment, everything, is ideal to stay focused and inspired.” 

Julio is a creative strategist at heart and gets out of bed with the innate desire to be inspired by the world around him, he says, “there’s always room to learn something new and collaborate with innovative people. These two ideas have guided my entire professional career.” He loves being surprised by new ideas and innovative solutions and is constantly sourcing inspiration and insight from all the places and people around him. 

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This yearning for always-on learning drives Julio’s interest in many topics. He has changed industries and professions several times and lives with the mindset that experience acquired in one job can be adapted and exported to any other. Julio shared, “that’s why I really like to combine my experience in the entertainment industry – music, television, branding, etc. – with the professional development projects I’m working on right now. I think the only way to stand out is being original, unique, unmistakable. Every day I work to feed that idea into my work.”

When he’s not working, you can find Julio in the great outdoors, recentering with his body and mind during mid-week runs as a way to release stress and energy, while also thinking about new ideas.

You can connect with Julio on Instagram, LinkedIn, or by visiting the Unofficial Media site