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This month’s &Member Spotlight series features content creator turned Founder and CEO of Rella, Natalie Barbu. Rella is a digital workspace for creators to organize and manage their content. 

Natalie began her social media career in 2011 on YouTube, since then she’s grown my following to over 360,000 followers throughout her platforms, transitioned to creating as a full-time job, and co-founded Rella in 2021 after experiencing the pain points of being a creator. We sat down with Natalie for a look at what inspires her to create. Check out our Q&A below:

So tell us, with everything you have going on, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

“Loving what I do every day and seeing the direct impact of my work motivates me. Whether it is leading a team, helping creators change their lives, talking to our users and hearing about their experiences, or connecting with my audience – I always want to make sure the work I am doing has an influence. No day is the same so it excites me to see what the day will bring!”

Once you’re up and running, what’s a must have in your day?

“My phone. Although I try to limit the time I spend on it, my phone provides me with connection, it’s created a career for me, it is the way I communicate with the team, and I love documenting even the mundane moments of the day and all of that is possible because of my phone. Basic answer, but it’s true!”

With all your experience in content creation, we’re curious to know where your brightest ideas come from?

“When I take a step back from work and spend time with people in community, whether it is in person or online, talking to people about their experiences always gives me ideas and motivates me. That’s why it is so essential for me to carve out time for community and not always be head down on my computer.”

When do you feel your best, and what do you do to stay in that mindset?

“I feel my best after I have taken time to recharge and I get into a routine. Routine helps me stay in that state. Since every day for me is different, having a consistent morning routine brings me calmness and sets my day on the right foot.”

What about when you’re craving some much-needed “me” time?

“The beach! My favorite mornings are spent on the beach before everyone gets there. I love bringing a book, journaling, listening to a podcast, and relaxing. I could spend every morning at the beach and I always feel recharged whenever I do that. It has now made me realize I can’t live a far drive from the ocean in the future.”

And now some real talk, why Ampersand?

“The creativity and energy here are unlike other coworking spaces. While I am a founder and CEO, I am still a very creative person. I feel like a lot of coworking spaces feel stuffy and corporate and my cofounder, Connor, and I wanted to avoid that. Ampersand was the first coworking space that allowed you to feel productive and motivated while also allowing you to feel creative.”

Natalie is also the host of The Real Reel Podcast, a show where she speaks to entrepreneurs, business leaders, creators, and everyone in between talking about the real reel – not the highlight reel. Today, she still creates content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the podcast while running Rella with the help of her team. 

Thank you for sitting down with us this month, Natalie! We’re inspired by your innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and feel honored to have you and the Rella team house your creativity in our space.



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