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This month’s &Member Spotlight features Brent Shows, founder of Nashville artist management company, ALTAR MGMT, representing talents such as David Kushner, normal the kid, and George Pippen. 

“We proudly handle two global artists and one debut artist set to release his first project in 2024. Each of our artists are signed to a distribution deal. This means we not only oversee their day-to-day operations but also manage their label, merchandising, tour planning, and every aspect of their career.” Join us in getting to know more about Brent and his passion for serving as a springboard for artists.

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What’s something we don’t know about you?

In less than a year, we’ve achieved over 1 billion streams for a single artist project.

What inspires or motivates you to get out of bed?

Our driving force is the stewardship of our artists’ careers. There’s nothing more gratifying than entering a room, listening to a demo or concept, and then working tirelessly to turn our artists’ aspirations into reality. From initial demo sessions in our office to orchestrating global arena tours, this journey remains endlessly exciting.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

Effective communication is our lifeblood. In the music industry, and particularly in a successful management company, consistent, precise, and clear communication is the cornerstone of our Operation.

Where do your brightest ideas come from?

Our brightest ideas emerge when we listen to our artists’ new music. Each new demo sparks a multitude of strategic ideas on how to support them best.

How do you spark your creativity when you’re feeling in a rut?

During creative blocks, I retreat to solitude, often taking a drive around Nashville with music playing. I journal, dream, and envision where I want to be. I persist in working, even when inspiration is lacking, making things happen no matter what.

Where is your favorite place to decompress & unwind?

My car is my sanctuary. It’s where I conceived the name of my company, held crucial meetings, and birthed some of my most significant thoughts and visions. It’s where I pray and clear my mind.

When do you feel your best, and what do you do to stay in good vibrations?

I’m at my best during what I call “deep work.” Unlike companies that assign busywork, my team is dedicated to building systems and working harmoniously toward structured and organized goals. This synergy keeps us in good vibrations.

Why did you choose Ampersand Studios as your workspace?

Ampersand Studios won us over with its vibrant community and strategic location. While we have an office nearby, it lacks the sense of belonging we found here. Since our move, we’ve connected with other management companies and even discovered a video production company that’s likely to collaborate with our artists for compelling social media content.

Thank you for joining us this month, Brent. Your passion for turning your artists’ dreams to reality does not go unnoticed and we’re so excited to continue following you and ALTAR MGMT on this journey.

You can connect with ALTAR MGMT on Instagram @ALTAR and @BrentShows, and online at altarmgmt.com.



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