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Another year of scrolling, for you page and timeline trends has come to an end. As we kick off the new year, we’re ready to deep dive into anticipated trends that will shape the creative landscape and zeitgeist in the year ahead. Because if we’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s how social media trends can break through the digital world and influence our daily culture, after all it’s no surprise that the 2023 Oxford Word of the Year was rizz.

While the social media landscape is ever-changing, we’ve done a deep dive of the top social media trends for creators from industry experts so you don’t have to. Read below for our top four key takeaways from GWI, Social Media Today, Hootsuite, and more.

  1. AI-Powered Content Creation: 

According to GWI, while 60% of consumers are excited about the development of AI, 71% think it’s moving at an alarming rate. Over the last year there’s been a lot of discussion and a bit of fear about how AI could potentially take over the roles of marketers and social media managers, but despite the stress, we’ve seen that AI is a valuable tool that can make your job easier and facilitate efficient and effective day-to-day tasks.

During the Creative Currents programming series at Ampersand Studios we learned that AI is only as powerful as the person working behind the tool and feeding it insights and strategy that can help create impactful content. In fact, utilizing AI tools for content creation and audience analysis will be crucial in maximizing engagement and expanding reach. 

There’s a lot of ways to get started, from playing with ChatGPT or OwlyWriter, to even using AI-driven video editing tools on TikTok, creators can anticipate access to more sophisticated editing features, filters, and effects, enabling you to create visually stunning and highly engaging content.

  1. Long-Form Content Experimentation & YouTube Shorts: 

Video content continues to dominate social media, but the type of content gaining traction is evolving. In the last year, we’ve seen the power of short-form video with the rise of TikTok and trending content themes that are entertaining, relatable, digestive and most importantly, authentic.

“You don’t necessarily need high production value – but you do need to connect with consumers in a way that’s aligned with their expectations when watching short-form video.” – Stephen Gray, Meta, Senior Business Marketing Insights Researcher

And while short-form videos continue driving value, TikTok is witnessing a shift toward longer videos. Creators are exploring longer-form content, and utilizing the platform’s engaging format to tell more detailed stories and connect with audiences on a deeper level. According to Hootsuite, Instagram Reels can now be as long as 15 minutes and TikTok is reportedly testing that length as well. 

As a creator, try diversifying your content mix and cross-channel promotion by sharing longer-format “vlog” style content that you would traditionally share on your YouTube channel to Instagram and TikTok, and tap into YouTube shorts – which has increased by more than 500% since 2021 – with short-form videos you’re already creating! 

  1. Social Media Platforms as Search Engines & Discovery Tools: 

With the power of video content, comes the shift in consumer behavior. According to GWI, younger groups are more likely to say they trust online reviews because they seek out products on vlogs and video sites and less on traditional search tools, showing that visual results can be very persuasive as they show real people and their views – with almost 3 in 10 Gen Z use social media to find inspiration for things.

statistic id1341355 leading sources of info for product research among gen z shoppers worldwide 2023


What does this mean for creators? Your keyword strategy is more important than ever and social SEO is key when you’re building out your content calendars and captions. If you’re trying to reach a certain audience, consider adding in keywords and commonly asked questions and trends as a voiceover, in-text video captions and your caption. While you don’t want to sound inauthentic, find a balance between incorporating social search while maintaining your tone and voice. 

Here is a resource from Hootsuite if you’re wondering the best way to get started.

4. De-influencing & the Power of Micro-Creators: 

As social media becomes more saturated, niche communities and voices are gaining prominence. Creators focusing on specific interests will find success by building genuine connections with their audience, and micro-influencers with dedicated followings will be sought after for their authenticity and engagement rates.

In fact, content creators have worked hard to separate themselves from influencers, so they can often be seen as more authentic and trustworthy, which is pretty key at the moment. GWI’s global trend report unveiled that authenticity is key and 53% of consumers say influencers should only endorse products that are relevant to their lifestyle as an antidote to overconsumption and distrust.

Content creators have the opportunity to continue creating and distributing their own content to their engaged followers which provides brands with opportunities to reach niche audiences in a meaningful way. And with the rise of the creator network, shares will be a new value metric that shows brands that your audience is not only engaged but will vouch for you and your content with their own audience and friends. 


As 2024 moves in motion, the evolution of social media trends can bring both challenges and opportunities for creators. It’s going to be important to continue experimenting, adapting and finding opportunities for genuine and meaningful connections with the community online and IRL

We want to hear from you, which trend are you most excited about as a creator? Connect with us at @amperstudios_ to  join the conversation!

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