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Last month, we partnered with Creative Currents founder, Jesicca Campbell, to bring together a group of creatives, strategists, and business owners for a lunch and learn exploring the power of  AI to create engaging content that captures your audience’s attention. From ChatGPT for thoughts, Claude for research, Midjourney for creating photos and graphics to Canva for final asset curation – the possibilities are endless.

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Jessica Campbell is a Miami-based creative strategist passionate about blending technology and design. With years of experience working with global brands across various industries in Digital Product, she specializes in unblocking the creative journey for brands and creatives alike. Jessica’s work focuses on elevated, immersive design and leveraging technological advances that are human-centered in its delivery. Outside of her 9-5, she finds inspiration through her love for travel and teaching yoga in her hometown of Miami. Founder of Creative Currents, Jessica empowers creatives to embrace their potential through the intersection of creativity and technology.

Creative Currents is an event series that offers an alternative to typical tech talks. “We believe everyone is a creative. Whether you’re a designer or real estate agent, creativity comes into everything we do, and Creative Current’s goal is to empower them. Our talks are built on being inclusive, interactive, and an immediate offering on tangibly applying what you learn at our gatherings,” shares Jessica.

The biggest takeaway from the programming event with Jessica is that when it comes to AI-driven social media strategies, “AI is used best as a collaborator, it’s only as good as the person collaborating with it and the information and detail provided to it.”

If you missed the AI for Social Media session, you can take a look at the below, tips & learnings to help keep you informed until the next one:

Pro tips: 

• Always start with your voice, stay human 

• Make context a two way street

• Refine & remind of the audience

• Build a panel

• Utilize tables

• Format strategically

• Play with integrations for everything

• Automate your process

AI Apps:

• ChatGPT: for thoughts

• Claude: for research

• Numerous AI: for sheets

• Bearly: for reading on Chrome

• Midjourney: for making pics

• Runway ML Gen 2: for videos

• Canva: for final curation


• Ben’s Bites

• Supernormal

• Medium

• The AI Exchange

Thank you Jessica for an informative and inspiring workshop! 

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