Hey, Nashville! We’re so happy to be here and welcome you into our space. 

This month, we’re featuring a special &FounderMemberSpotlight highlighting two of our community members, Co-Founder and CEO of EVA, a platform that automates booking entertainment for corporate and private events, Channing Moreland, and multi-Grammy winner, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer at Qualified Records, an artist owned and operated indie record label, John Heithaus.

We sat down with Channing and John for a deep dive into what they do, what keeps them inspired, and why they selected Ampersand Studios as their creative workspace. Check out the Q&A below:

So tell us, with everything you have going on, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Channing Moreland: “Building EVA with my best friend and business partner, Makenzie Stokel. I wouldn’t do it without her and our partnership motivates me to want to be my best.”

John Heithaus: “Helping our Artists create great music that stands the test of time.”

Once you’re up and running, what’s a must have in your day?

Channing Moreland: “My chapstick, I am pretty much addicted.”

John Heithaus: “Spotify, it’s always on.”

With all your creative and entrepreneurial spirit, we’re curious to know where your brightest ideas come from?

Channing Moreland: “After I have been inspired by someone else’s creativity. Ideas will flood into my head after watching an inspiring documentary, reading a poem, or taking time to listen to new music. When I need inspiration, I will go on an artist date (learned from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way). Essentially, it’s a solo adventure that is meaningful to that person and is meant to spark personal creativity.”

John Heithaus: “I live by the mantra, ‘Let the Artist be the Artist’ – and long walks help me spark my creativity.”

And when needing some time to decompress, John can be found by Randor Lake, while Channing is likely to be walking by Percy Priest with her pup.

When do you feel your best, and what do you do to stay in that mindset?

Channing: “I feel my best when I take the time to pour into myself. For me, that’s hot yoga, long walks, meditation, journaling, pottery wheel classes and more!”

John: “When I’m collaborating with others, collaboration is key.”

And now some real talk, why Ampersand?’

Channing Moreland: “I love that Ampersand Studios is focused on empowering creatives. I feel like my mission in my work is aligned with Ampersand, and so it feels perfect to work at a place with that shared vision.”

John: “For me, it’s all about the location, class, and style!”

Thank you for sitting down with us this month, Channing & John! We’re inspired by your innovation, passion, and creativity. We’re excited to have your teams in our space. 

About EVA

When co-founders Makenzie Stokel and Channing Moreland met at college in Nashville, both were already crazy about live music. It wasn’t long before the two were organizing everything from large house parties to small festivals. The music and live event part was really fun. The messy details, paperwork, and uncertainty when trying to book entertainment, not so much.

At moments like these, you can either fight or fix the system. So they got serious and formed what now is EVA. The company has grown and evolved so much over the years to fit the ever-changing industry and environment. What has remained constant for Makenzie and Channing is their primary goal of using technology to connect clients with high-quality entertainment. With the help of their incredible team, EVA continues to be a disruptive force for good.

Learn more about EVA by visiting them online or following them on Instagram. You can also personally connect with Channing at @channingmoreland.


About Qualified Records

Qualified Records, a full-service music production and marketing company founded by two industry veterans who are matching their decades of success in the music industry with a cutting-edge technological expertise from which artists of any background can potentially benefit.

With a focus on leveraging artists’ ownership rights, creative independence, and an uncompromising commitment to creating diverse music that fans and audiences love, Qualified Records is working to solidify the ways artists can remain relevant, profitable and engaged in the digital era and, eventually, the music metaverse.

Learn more about Qualified Records by visiting them online or following them on Instagram.

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