Valentina Lara

It’s no surprise that the spaces you occupy during your day can make or break your productivity. Now more than ever, we spend our time fixed to a chair, from outdoor spaces to indoor offices. It’s often not thought about though, but we spend an average of eighteen years of our lives sitting down. Yes, you read that correctly, eighteen. For most, functionality takes a backseat to design, but we make the argument that you can have both.

Some of the most reproduced designs, and in the “what’s hot now” column of Architectural Digest, come as no surprise as being from brands like Phillipe Starck or Charles & Ray Eames who designed the perfect seats, from comfort to ergonomics and landed right into iconic.

Our own space in Ampersand Studios is chalked full of these pieces. From the shell chairs in our second floor common space to the private offices’ Aeron reproduction chairs.

A little bit of background on design and the thinking behind it could start with a quote from Charles Eames who said, “eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.” If you think about the way we interact with objects, specifically the ones that become part of our lives and embed themselves into our existence, you then start to realize the potential they each have to be additive.

With the onset of change, much of which comes at a whirlwind pace nowadays, there is always the constant of comfort. Ampersand is part of that for all of our members, and the design we put into the space speaks to that commitment. Maybe your new favorite seat is right here, at home in our workspaces.