Our Membership options help house your creativity in the most efficient way. Choose the plan that works best for you and start enjoying a full range of perks, while connecting with a diverse community of professional creatives.

A plug-and-play office solution with flexible lease terms and building amenities to fit your business requirements.


Lighting fast WiFi
Premium Client services
Partnership Perks
Elevated programming
Business Growth Program
Discounted Studio use
All-inclusive amenities
Month-to-month terms
24/7 access
Starts at $1,250 per month
ampersand studios miami coworking space with production studios

Ampersand Studios is a flexible workspace provider with creative studios, bringing together entrepreneurs, dynamic companies & content creators in Miami’s Arts & Entertainment District.

All the perks of a Membership with Studio access and hours included. Come create.



Production Studios
Content Rooms
Vinyl Backdrops
Rental Equipment
Production Services Access
$1500 per month + $1500 deposit

Stay connected with our community and access full-service office facilities, at a workspace reconfigured with spatial awareness in mind.

Spacious seating layouts
Conference room hours
Lighting fast WiFi
Business Address
&Pulse virtual community
$249 per month

Set the right impression with a prestigious business address in the heart of Miami. Happen to be in town? Host business events and meetings in one of our spacious conference rooms.

Take a break from working from home with our coworking space day pass. Find your focus, connect and collaborate.

Hold your next client presentation, business meeting or virtual call in one of our spacious conference rooms. Members enjoy full-access.

Be our guest

An authentic, repurposed industrial building in the heart of Miami, fully-remodeled to provide flexible workspace and quality in-house production facilities. You’re welcome to come and take a look!


Ampersand Studios flourishes as an innovative alternative to a traditional office with a professional environment that inspires creativity. Our dynamic community, specialized facilities and lively atmosphere enable you to execute and launch your ideas, products and services to the world.

Still Have Questions?

Membership starts at $80 per month for a Virtual Office, or $249 per month for a Resident Membership (hot desk) with a range of flexible options to suit your needs.

Coworking offers an all-inclusive Membership: WiFi, office solutions, building facilities with full amenities, and month-to-month terms.

Yes, we understand that in these times, flexibility is key, so we work closely with individuals and teams to offer flexible Membership options to help your growing business.

We offer complimentary Studio use in line with your Membership requirements, and for the visual creator we offer an &Content Creator Membership with 10 hours inclusive use of all our Production Facilities.

Yes, we have several conference rooms and offer a generous amount of inclusive hours to suit your needs.

Yes, we offer complimentary and discounted printing options for all Members to suit your individual needs.

Yes, you can bring guests to work. We have a expansive 1st floor open work space so you can meet and collaborate with your guests.

Yes, but no snakes.

We have gone to great lengths to upgrade our facilities and implement stringent Covid-19 safety measures throughout the building & for all of our Members.



ampersand studios miami coworking space with production studios

Gain access & spark your creativity with our thought-provoking Workshops, Panels & Journal essays.


Ampersand Studios, Miami, FL


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