APPLIED SCIENCE: Immunity Boosters

Valentina Lara

With the continued discussion on what to put in your body, we keep an open ear to the medical and science community within our walls at AMPERSAND. From glutathione to basic boosters like strong chain vitamin regimens, we dove a bit into the world of the better you.

Each day we use our bodies, from simple tasks to big movements, like any machine, it needs fuel to run and maintenance to do that smoothly. While every body is different, requiring varying nutrition and exercise regimens, there are a few universal things that act as aids to help it along.  At AMPERSAND, we thrive on community, and where better to start thinking about the work thats helps your body and mind. Here are some key tips on making yourself a better you.


It sounds like a no brainer, but we often forget. Making it a habit and programming it into your daily routine is something that alone can improve your health. There are also a ton of apps available to help you track this, along with your general nutrition.


We typically don’t get everything we need from just food, and often it’s the simple things that we end up missing. From Ester – C to Glutathione (an antioxidant generally derived from plant sources) there are a few basic supplements that simply fill in the blanks and help boost your immune system.


It becomes very easy to miss out on sleep, with busy schedules and ever changing world, but sleep is your body’s reset button. The funny thing about it is that most of us don’t get enough quality sleep even though we might be resting. We wrote a short article about deep sleep not too long ago, you can find it here.


We’re not talking about counting calories, but being aware of how much or how little of something going in will ultimately affect what your body’s output is able to produce. Better eating habits and general good nutrition are key to helping you perform better and work more efficiently over time. We believe in it so much so that we partner with Lunchology for healthy meals available in our space.


Yep, that’s it. Sometimes just taking a deep breath and actively remembering to do so helps release toxins from the body, and helps promote more blood flow.