An Oasis of Italian Ingredients

Neil Watson


IT'S more than food

Alidoro is an Italian specialty sandwich shop originally founded in 1986 in New York City, now open at The Oasis in Miami. 40 different sandwiches & dishes – all made to order from the heart of Italy. We’re in love, but it’s more than food. The soul of this food gushes out of every sandwich, every plate, every bite. 

we ordered & we drank, we left... heart full.

Five of us on a lunch adventure, showed up to the Oasis open air experience in Wynwood. We were met by Frederico’s smile and excitement. We ordered almost everything on the menu, from the Alidoro namesake all the way down Burrata & Bacon burger. Everything was perfect. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The hype is very, very real.

If you haven’t gone already, we don’t want to spoil the experience too much for you. The hype is real, see for yourself, and tell them we sent you.

End of the Story



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