Connect Deeper, Fly Higher.

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Eric Smith is on track to be a modern-day renaissance man – although he would never tell you that. Fintech, luxury real estate, photographer and pilot are just a few of his credentials. We spent some time with him, in Miami, as he was training for another pilot’s certificate. Conversations, included talking about his father’s watch, entrepreneurship and going back to Egypt, among many other things.

flying higher

It’s up there, in those clouds, 42,000 feet high where Eric finds his core, himself. As he describes it, being at the helm of the plane is a relationship between man, machine and fate. It began with excitement, like the rush of a first kiss, giddy – palms sweaty from nerves, now a calm comfort. This was earned, though, through patience and perfecting an emergency landing while at the mercy of overpowering winds. Much like the world of entrepreneurship, it’s a galvanized, headstrong position you take in the world.

A knowing that things could fail, but believing your ideas can help you fly high. His latest project Eighty Acres, a luxury cabin experience is the meeting point between his passions. Living better, nature, design but above all, a life-experience. As a real-estate broker and investor, he sought out the property and built it out as a RRL themed, rugged cowboy ranch, with all the bells and whistles. It’s now booked every week solid with no gaps. The case study for his next steps with other properties present themselves – globally. 

where to next?

Eric is also working on his next licence – the kind that will allow him to take up passengers (sans instructor) and we’re excited for him. Thinking about the bigger picture and every step of the travel experience, from pick up to drop off. With his intrepid mind and unicorn-like CV, the possibilities are endless. We’ll follow up with him soon, and take you on tour, maybe in the sands of Cairo? Sky’s the limit.

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