Meet Juliette Delerue, a creative that in her perspective, is living “in a world filled with color and visuals led by storytelling and design.” She’s Swiss raised and based between Miami and New York City.

Join us as we get to know more about Juliette and how she’s shaped her career in producing content for independent brands at small shops to world renown brands at big name agencies.

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am an Associate Creative Director specializing in large-scale social brand campaigns and activations. I’m in love with photography, fashion, colors, pop culture and all things shiny. What I love about my job is bringing a creative vision to life with a team. Directing shoots and creating fun and fresh content is what makes me feel alive! I’ve collaborated with tech brands like Samsung and Instagram and lifestyle brands such as L’Oréal, Airfrance, Essie and even Ferrari.

What’s something we don’t know about you? 

Would have been a florist if I wasn’t doing what I do now.

What inspires or motivates you to get out of bed?

The sun is what gets me out of bed, especially here!  I’m most inspired by the fact that every day is different. It’s all about the little moments you find beauty and joy you find throughout them.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

My morning Matcha Latte, a good laugh and colors.

Where do your brightest ideas come from? 

My best ideas come from observing my surroundings: on a walk looking at plants, a cool outfit but most of all from all the unique people I meet and conversations we have.

How do you spark your creativity when you’re feeling in a rut?

I’ll try and discover a new place or activity.

Where is your favorite place to decompress & unwind?

The beach x 10 !  

When do you feel your best, and what do you do to stay in good vibrations?

I feel my best when I dive into unexpected moments and go with the flow. To keep the vibes high I remind myself of how lucky I am. 

Why did you choose Ampersand Studios as your workspace?

Ampersand has such a variety of great people and awesome vibes! It feels like a place where creativity flows and there’s always someone interesting to meet. 

Thank you for joining us on this month’s spotlight, Juliette! You can follow her on Instagram @curatencreate



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