world emoji day

Join us in celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17th! 🥳

Emojis are more than just a fun way to express yourself with your friends, they play a significant role in helping marketers and social media managers engage with their community.

Adobe’s latest The Future of Creativity: U.S. Emoji Trend Report reveals insights on emoji use for 💼, 🥰 and more 👀.

According to Kamile Demir, computer scientist at Adobe and Adobe representative on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee “Emoji give people the resources they need to be able to express themselves and show their emotions, whether it be on social media or messaging apps. They allow people to convey more than just words on a screen and connect more deeply to others”

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Emoji usage is evolving, with respondents indicating that the right emoji, in the right context, can also be a valuable professional addition. So, how can marketers and social media managers step up their content strategy with emojis? Keep on reading to find out:

 • Emojis in Captions and Text: Including emojis in social media captions and text can make the content more visually appealing and expressive. Emojis can help convey emotions, add emphasis, and create a friendly tone. For example, a social media manager promoting a new product launch could use a series of emojis to depict excitement, such as 🎉🚀😍. Additionally, using emojis to replace certain words or phrases can make the content concise and engaging.
 • Emojis in Visuals and Graphics: Social media platforms heavily rely on visual content, making it a great opportunity for social media managers to incorporate emojis creatively. They can integrate emojis into infographics, images, or videos to enhance the overall message. For instance, an emoji-filled infographic explaining the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can make the content more appealing and relatable to the audience.
 • Emojis in Contests and Polls: Engage your audience by incorporating emojis into contests, polls, or quizzes. Ask your followers to respond with emojis to express their opinions or preferences. This method not only encourages participation but also provides valuable insights into your audience’s preferences. For example, a social media manager for a fashion brand could ask followers to vote for their favorite summer outfit using corresponding emojis like 👗👙🕶️ and analyze the responses to inform future marketing decisions.

Ultimately, emojis are a great way to humanize your brand, increase engagement and simplify brand messaging with emojis. But most importantly, remember to use emojis strategically, keeping your target audience and brand voice in mind.




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