Ampersand Studios

This past month during 3686’s 10th Annual Festival, Ampersand Studios Nashville was the location sponsor for Luum Studio’s Brand Magic: How to Transform Your Ambitious Idea into a Fan Favorite. 

Through this interactive workshop, the team at Luum Studio led the group using the same Favorite Brand framework they’ve used for clients who’ve been featured by Apple, Vogue, TechCrunch, CNN, and more.

At Luum Studio, they design brands that create fans. They believe everyone can become a favorite. That’s why they work with founders and leadership teams of all kinds to capture the best of what they do and turn it into meaningful experiences that boost awareness, build affinity, and create advocates.

Attendees learned how to stop chasing customers and start cultivating fanship with the team behind Luum, Jordan Short, Sarah Hale, and Carl Wilson. 

Instead of chasing after new buyers, you have customer-turned-advocates that are not only buying consistently, but they’re also going out of their way to share their fantastic experience with your brand to friends and family. And now, because you’re not chasing down single sales, you have the headspace and resources to focus on big-picture growth for your business.

Imagine viewing every customer interaction as an opportunity to build a lasting connection. With enough of those connections you’ll be on your way creating a fan base, one that can’t imagine buying from another brand because you are their favorite. This means you’re building brand affinity and creating something that has staying power. 

Luum Studio used the space to host an interactive group workshop that included a worksheet and breakout groups. In these breakouts, the Luum team prompted participants to apply real life brand identity issues their company’s face to brand development scenarios. 


A key takeaway from the workshop: learn how to break rules on purpose to create distinction. 

Connect with the Luum team online or by visiting them on Instagram @helloluum.