Production Studio Hacks: 3 Creative Uses for Production Space

Valentina Lara

We wanted to see how far we could push the creative boundaries of our own production space. Yes, we can do photo shoots, product shoots, videos, and content all-day, but we wanted to challenge our partners to really dig deep and have fun with all the tools at our disposal. And much to our delight, they showed up and showed out.

1. Team Editorials

We know what you’re thinking, there’s nothing surprising about using a production studio to take stunning professional photos. You’re not wrong, and we don’t disagree. But what we were taken away with here was the creativity and thoughtfulness that Double L Group brought to what could have been a mundane affair. They elevated the process through impeccable staging, attention to attire, and thoughtful candid documentation. By taking full advantage of the production area, including the dressing rooms and cyc walls, they were able to make team members feel like featured celebrities. And the photos? Cover worthy.

Best for: Team building, content generation
Keys for success: Take the time to plan and conceptualize a strong branded visual treatment

2. Projection Mapping

Earlier this year Brugal brought all of the magic of palm breezes and ocean views to an air conditioned and sand-free environment by projecting paradise onto our cyc walls. This was a gorgeous and welcome transformation for a live event that left guests talking for all the right reasons. We were more than happy to open the space for an evening mixer. The furniture, decor, and pop-up bar were all stunning by themselves. But the use of seamless projection mapping truly elevated the event and set the vibes for a magical evening.

Best for: Interactive pop-ups, art installations
Keys for success: Have an engaging visual concept to drive the vibe

3. Live Content Production

We had the absolute privilege of hosting Afterhours with Giano Currie, a hybrid co-creative event where guests became icons. This night time affair might have been our favorite one yet because it truly allowed us to use every facet of capability. We transformed the stage into an event space, used the sound equipment to boost our live DJ, and projected the photographs onto the walls for real time feedback. It was a truly unforgettable night.

Best for: Co-creation, immersive live events
Keys for success: Have a system in place to easily share captured photos with guests

Final Thoughts

We’d like to thank each of our partners for their creativity and trust. There was a lot of magic created here this year, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries even further in 2023!