Bianca Carosio does it all.

Speaking with &PERSON OF INTEREST, Bianca Carosio – producer, master retoucher, and creative director – on her return to Miami and making her way through the cultural melting pot the city is becoming.

Bianca on set | Bianca’s Own

Thoughts on Miami as the new melting pot.

I absolutely agree with this notion, and it is the very reason other major cities thrive. Fifteen-plus years ago Miami’s population felt narrow in comparison to now. As our city diversifies, so will our ideas and then our businesses.

What is photo retouching for those who don’t know, and why is it so important in photography?

Retouching, simply put, is the manipulation of an image from color, lighting, and fine details. It is practically a necessity in the photo industry because not all details of a production go as smoothly as planned. Even with seamless planning, these adjustments are necessary to finalize the images for the best outcome possible. The general public may think of retouching as solely the beautification of people, but many times it can be far from that. There’s still life (products), interior design, wardrobe, environmental, and so much more that goes under the retouching process.

Oscar Isaac Retouched | Photographed by Heidi Hartwig
Iggy Pop Retouched | Photographed by Jenny Risher

If you had a crystal ball, what predictions would you make on the 10 years of Miami’s artistic future?

I feel Miami is in a race to rapidly catch up to other cities and is preparing for what’s to come in the next decade. More reputable and recognizable companies will place their offices here, which will only increase the creative work needed. On the ground, artistic hubs and communities will continue to expand to meet these growing needs. The artistic future is promising. It will be a busy town to be in, and surely an invigorating one.

Print Editorial for Blanc Magazine. Directed by Bianca | Photographed by Brother Junior

What does the bridge look like to you between LA/NY to Miami from a photography production perspective?

It looks like many things for me personally. Because I also produce and direct, I’ve seen an increase in more diverse projects being created here, and the desire to do so by clients goes hand in hand with my earlier point made. Miami is becoming more well rounded, with new ways of thinking and seeing. That opens the opportunity to create more images than just a beautiful person on a beach, beer in hand, and surrounded by palm trees. That dated visual you know? Clients and productions are seeing that Miami has more to offer, and so I’m helping them in producing their projects here with my LA/NY experience and work ethic.

Five words describing the emotions of returning to Miami after leaving for LA/NY for so long. What emotions have settled in for now?

Slower, unknown, curious, hopeful, exciting. In that order, ha!



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