Miami isn’t Silicon Valley – it’s better.

Valentina Lara


Miami has long been known for, well… we all know what. Party after party, balmy air and endless beaches. But in the last few years, and specifically if you live here, you would notice a subtle shift in those arriving at MIA airport. They aren’t exclusively boardshorts and Hawaiin t-shirt wearing anymore. The arrival of the tech startup mogul has made its presence known, and now more than ever, in a big way. Miami is quietly becoming the new epicentre of technology and innovation on many fronts. From app builders to multi-million dollar technology first franchises. BITCOIN’s conference is set to arrive June 4th, which should be a sure sign to anyone paying attention that the beachfront and incentivized new business approach from the city is the more alluring option of the warmer climate cities willing to open it’s doors to the industry.

The fundamentals are all here, warm weather aside. The incredible infrastructure that is now seeing light of day has been in the works for the past decade but was propelled forward by the onset of looser restrictions during the early days of Covid-19. Resiliency also helps, when you notice just how capable a city like Miami bounces back from its yearly hurricane season.

Even our mayor seems to be up to the charge of ushering in the new era of innovation.

We could continue, but we think you get the big picture. Miami is, and will be the place to be. And, luckily enough Ampersand is at the helm of cultivating that spirit and energy. From our podcast lab, to expansive spaces for creatives (cutting edge soundstage production studio) and our editing suites, we’re poised to welcome the tech world in a big way. It feels like it’s our calling, in a way.