Strong female lead.

Quinn PR is at the helm of some very important ships – with global impact. From luxury hotels to F&B, Florence Quinn and her team are pushing boundaries, quietly. We sat with Tathiana Rosado, SVP, from the firm to find out more, welcoming them to the &STUDIOS community.

So, what is it that you do?

Over the past 15 years I’ve been in the business of storytelling and transforming brands in the luxury lifestyle sector. I’ve been with Quinn PR for 11 years having started in our headquarters in New York then moving down in 2013 to help open our Miami flagship. I oversee 5 different areas of expertise at Quinn including, Travel, Real Estate, FWS, Design, and Technology, with clients all over the world from Reef Technology, to W South Beach, all the way to representing Thailand as a destination. I am responsible for business development and big-picture strategy for our clients and I sit in a few committees at Quinn that are responsible for creating a strong company culture and evolving our virtual and co-working experience. In Miami, we have a power team of 16 strategic, passionate, and creative pros that are an absolute privilege to work with.

Getting out of bed is hard, wha’t your secret?

My family. I come from humble beginnings and an immigrant family that has worked really hard to get where we are today.  And this might sound cheesy but I really love what I do, it’s blended into my lifestyle. In many ways I feel through my work and clients, I’m able to contribute somehow in helping shape our community, the way we travel, we eat, and we live—everything feels interconnected. That said, what has really given me an all-time high lately, is growing and connecting with my spirituality, learning to listen and let go—finding inner peace.

The can’t live without moment…what is it?

My family Sunday suppers. Every Sunday me and my brother come together and cook a big spread for the family and we theme out the dinners — everything from Italy, Greece, Spanish, to street food from our favorite places in Dominican Republic.

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Where do your brightest ideas come from?

Real talk, when we are in a bind and the pressure is on to perform. That said, I do tap a great deal on what fashion brands are doing. I look to fashion to really be the trendsetters and seeing how they are shaping the way we think and consume and how I can either get ahead of it or help translate it into our work with our clients. Everything starts there and then gets trickles down to travel, real estate, hospitality, and beyond.

Decompress, where & how.

The beach. I love being by the water and I never take it for granted. I try to go every Saturday as long as the sun is out.

On vibrational energy.

I feel my best when I prioritize myself. To stay in vibration, I’m committed to my meditation twice per day and work out 3-4 times per week. I also make sure I take time to journal every day and listen to podcasts that inspire me and expand me. Lately I’ve been super addicted to Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose.

Why Ampersand?

As we were looking at the future of working for our company, we knew a co-working space was the way to go as we ventured into this new world of remote work and co-working. We knew the only way to make everyone happy was to have a bit of both—an office for those that wanted to come in once or twice per week, and remote for those that wanted to continue working from home. Keeping that in mind, we also knew that we wanted a relaxed  environment and to be surrounded by creatives.  At Ampersand, there is a strong sense of community the minute that you walk in through the doors. I love the attention to design, the warmth, and it simply feels welcoming. We also love the programming and live shoots that happen onsite, there’s a vibrant energy and vibe throughout. Shout out to Emely for making me and the team feel at home and holding our hand throughout the whole process. Miles is the cherry on top and such a great part of the welcoming committee.

Now, something we could’t know about you.

I love, love, love, food and discovering new places in Miami and wherever I travel. Food is usually the compass that dictates what I will do in my free time and where I will travel next.



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