Connecting global talent.

MN2S stands as the throughway to the globe’s most sought-after entertainment talent. It’s no surprise that its founder and managing director Sharron is an unconventional think outside the box kind of personality. You’d have to be in the fast passed, cut-throat world of entertainment. But Sharron’s demeanour is calm and inviting. We had a chance to sit with him and talk about the world he navigates.


I began my career as an event promoter, throwing club nights in London as the first wave of house DJs came over to the UK from the US. This is what led me to start up a booking agency, as the transition from promoter to agent felt like a natural one. Thankfully the business is still growing 25 years later. We’ve diversified our business significantly over the years,  booking live acts, athletes, influencers, entertainers and more while working across label management and PR.

Secret recipe.

I would say that what sets us apart is our willingness to innovate and diversify. We’re always searching for new and exciting ways to innovate and stay ahead of the game. In the past, we’ve consistently adopted technologies earlier than most other agencies in our space – we moved into digital distribution earlier than our competitors, and invested in digital when other agencies were still relying on a more conventional way of working. We also differ from our competitors in the range of services that we offer – there’s not another booking agency out there that also provides label management, PR and social media services to clients across the music industry.

Better or different.

The industry is constantly changing, and is unrecognisable compared to when MN2S first began. In terms of positive changes, I’d say that the most obvious is the  advancements in technology that have radicalised the way we work as an agency. The advent of the internet transformed the way we do business, and technological advancements continue to drive change and transformation across the industry. A notable example is live-streaming technology, and the role that has played in allowing events to continue throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The best parts.

For me, the most rewarding thing is working alongside such a talented and diverse team of professionals. Every member of our team is great at what they do – it’s a pleasure to work with such passionate and committed individuals.

Don’t miss this.

Miami really is an exciting place to be at the moment – the scene is really taking off, with an influx of talented people coming in from Los Angeles and New York. You should keep an eye out for the Miami stop on the Feed The Streetz tour – it’s a tour booked through MN2S featuring some of hip-hop’s biggest legends. Rick Ross, 2-Chainz, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Kim, Boosie and more special guests will be playing. You don’t want to miss this!

Why Ampersand?

There’s a few reasons – we love the vibe of the place, there’s always something going on, and it’s a great place to network and build relationships. There’s some stunning artworks and wide open spaces that make it a great environment to work in. There’s also a relaxed atmosphere which doesn’t feel too corporate, unlike some other shared workspaces. The location is a blessing too, we’re right in the middle of the entertainment district, which is perfect for us as a talent agency.

What we don’t know.

We’re not your average booking agency – we work in a diverse range of sectors and are always looking into new ways to diversify and expand. Recently we’ve been expanding our reach into NFTs and merchandise, while building a talented team of content creators, animators and graphic designers. This is an exciting new facet of our business model and we’re looking forward to seeing this develop over the coming months.



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