Ampersand Studios

This month’s &Member Spotlight series features producer and filmmaker at S2BN, Jacob Cohl.

For more than a decade, Jacob has devoted his filmmaking career to capturing the creative endeavors of some of the world’s most legendary artists and entertainers. With his debut feature documentary, Salt of the Earth, the 33-year-old director and producer followed The Rolling Stones across the globe to intimately chronicle one of the most expansive and audacious tours in rock-and-roll history.


We sat down with Jacob for a look at what he does and how we sparks his creativity. Check out our Q&A below:

Tell us a little bit who you are and what you do…

“I am a producer in the truest sense because I make it up every day as I go. Truthfully, it means that my role is a little different on every project. I work in entertainment. I’ve worked on films and created loads of video content and currently, my slate is more full with in-person live experiences and exhibitions.”

What motivates you to get out of bed?

“Getting my kids to school on time. If not for that, I would start work much later (and finish later).”

What’s one thing that you can’t live without?


As a creative, we bet your wheels are constantly spinning, where do you get your brightest ideas from?

“The deepest and darkest corners of the front left side of my brain. Mostly they come from epic experiences and deep conversations.”

And when your wheels are at rest, where do you decompress and unwind?

“In cold freshwater or at a concert.”

And now some real talk, why Ampersand?

“The individual offices are nice with good soundproofing and the common areas are comfortable, spacious and look good.”

Thank you for sitting down with us this month, Jacob! We’re inspired by your accomplishments and creative view on life, and feel honored to have you and the S2BN team House Your Creativity™️ in our space.