This month’s &Member Spotlight series features writer, director, actor, and editor Frantzy Moreau

Frantzy Moreau is a first generation Haitian-American, born and raised in Miami, FL. He studied film through self-directed education, which included immersing himself into local library books and online tutorials. His work engages Black love, trauma healing, social commentary, and layers of personal experiences.

Frantzy’s films have been screened nationally at festivals including the Pan African Film Festival, American Black Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, and the Micheaux Film Festival where his short-film, Piece received the Outstanding Panavision Short Award. Most recently, he became the recipient of a Telly Award for boy.with.angel.wings.

Boy.with.angel.wings is a story that explores what it means to have purpose in family – whatever that family looks like to an individual. It touches on the weight that each character carries to live up to a family’s reputation, and how in dark moments, only through trial, vulnerability, and forgiveness can a person see the significance of family.

When we asked Frantzy what inspires him, he shared, “two things: the inner drive to push myself to new heights and self-development but also my Haitian upbringing that won’t allow me not to.”

Keep up with Frantzy’s latest creations here or follow him on Instagram @frantzymoreau.

Creatives noir panel.

To celebrate Frantzy’s film and Telly award, while also highlighting Black talent in the Film Industry during the 2023 African American Film Festival in Miami, we hosted a Creatives Noir programming series for an intimate fireside chat with Frantzy, fellow filmmaker Jamal Dedeaux, special guest and Miami Film Commissioner, Marco Giron, and moderator and Founder of Double A Management, Del Ro


Our speakers shared moments of inspiration, insight, and action to help plant the seed for other aspiring filmmakers and creators in the room. Highlights include:

When asked about the impact of personal experiences on cinematic style, Jamal shared, “being inspired by what’s around me, I think that’s the key to really connecting with people. Once people start pulling from their personal lives, that’s really when you start connecting with others.” 

And because it’s the African American Film Festival in Miami, we had to ask… If making a brand new film, what city would it be shot in and why? While the crowd shared some laughs, Frantzy prompted, “I would do it in Miami, and not the commercialized Miami, I would do it in the areas that aren’t seen. There’s so much culture here and it’s a certain culture in Miami, that you know, oh that’s Miami.”

We left our community with an opportunity to take action. In his closing remarks, Film Commissioner Marco Giron detailed an upcoming program to incentivize film projects that are within a lower financial threshold and opened his office for those looking to connect. “Talent needs to be nurtured locally in order for us to build an infrastructure long-term.”

Lastly, as an easter egg for fans of Frantzy and Ampersand Studios Members, you might notice a familiar backdrop in some of his work. Frantzy films recreations and re-enactments of some of his favorites within our space. To watch his recent videos, visit @FrantzyFilms on YouTube. He chose Ampersand Studios because, “the art, the colors, the music, and atmosphere created here allows so much freedom and privacy. It’s a creative person’s heaven.”



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