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We offer a range of content-creation solutions to drive meaningful conversations with your target audiences and – to offer brand marketers a convenient way to communicate through influential creative.

“Thank you Ampersand Studios, because our campaigns are better because whether it is a conference room, a couch, or a studio, you help us build and you make us better. Even so, you help us keep our ideas Lit.”

Michael Franco, President, We Communicate

The content studio offers a variety of professional lighting equipment for rent, such as softboxes, LED panels, and strobes, as well as light modifiers and stands. This allows photographers and videographers to create and control different lighting setups, ensuring the desired look and feel for their projects.

Yes, the content studio offers a selection of backdrops in various colors and materials, as well as green screens for chroma key work. This provides content creators with versatile background options to suit their creative vision and enhance their final product.

The content studio offers high-quality audio equipment, including microphones, audio recorders, and soundproofing materials, to ensure clean and clear sound recording for projects requiring voiceovers or on-location audio capture.

You can reserve the content studio by contacting our booking team, who will provide you with detailed information on available dates, times, and rental packages. We offer flexible rental options tailored to suit different project requirements and budgets, ensuring you have the necessary resources to bring your creative vision to life.


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