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&MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: The Women of Ampersand

Valentina Lara

This month and beyond

Women-owned businesses propel our economy forward. In the past five years, total employment by women-owned businesses rose 8%, 1.8% for all other businesses. Here at Ampersand, we’re proud to have several woman-led enterprises as part of our community. We asked two long term Members what entrepreneurship means from their perspective.

Caitlin Bendersky

What do you do?
Caitlin B. Marketing is a full service marketing agency – equipping clients with vital brand strategies across multiple channels such as social media, website design, and email marketing. Everyone and everything at Caitlin B. Marketing is driven by creativity so that we can build your company’s voice into its most compelling and refined form. As a fully female-owned business supported by an all-female team, we naturally put our own unique flair into every creative project and love being our clients’ biggest cheerleaders as we mold strong and engaging relationships between the company and the customer. 

What does it mean to be an ambitious woman and entrepreneur?
Being a female entrepreneur and running my own business is something I value because it affords me the freedom to make my own schedule and fold my income-bearing actions into my week as I see fit.

This brings me more calmness and satisfaction than conforming to an existing company’s established structure. So, with this freedom I can show up for everyone in my life stronger and more creatively. And as a woman, wife and mom of two, it’s vital that I can efficiently manage my clients and team as well as my family and home.

Iman Hasan

What do you do?
IHC is a full-service creative agency located in Miami, Florida servicing a global clientele. Founded by Iman Hasan, IHC is led and run by women. Our mission is to elevate brand growth and exposure through tactical, data-driven content creation and distribution. Our agency is sufficient in influencer marketing to drive brand awareness, driving business through digital campaigns, curating creating dynamic content, strategic PR campaigns, 360-degree social media management, and producing high-level experiential events that create buzz and drive traffic. IHC has been featured in Forbes, The PR Net 100, The Newzette, and more.

What does it mean to be an ambitious woman and entrepreneur? 
Iman Hasan (Founder/CEO) & Brooke German (Managing Director) 

An ambitious woman is driven to grow in every aspect of her life, including her personal, professional, and family life. Making a lasting impact on the world that extends beyond your network. For us, ambition is based on the opportunity you provide people with that makes a real difference in their lives and is never based on the financial success of our agency.

Thank You

We’d like to thank Caitlin and Iman for joining us and sharing their thoughts and journeys with us!

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