Feng Shui – A Balancing Act

Valentina Lara
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We often forget, now more than ever that we are creatures of habit. When our day to day ceased and halted this past March, all that was once normal gave way to the formation of new habits, often in familiar surroundings – our homes. But now as we eke into the coined “new normal” our spaces feel different, don’t they? The security of the familiar, the predictable consistency that feels so good. What if we told you that now is the best time to re-evaluate your surroundings – our workspace. Every object, piece of furniture, lamp, and shade should be on purpose. Enter Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging your space allowing a flow of energy in, making way for success, and channeling happiness. 

Speaking About Rooms

In our own space, &STUDIOS was re-imagined, refit and put back together to allow not only spatial separation and a safety-conscious working environment but a visual palette to inspire our members. We saw fit to think about every step into the space and throughout it. Our front entrance is open and sprawling, and never blocked by anything, allowing a free passageway in. 

The common spaces cradle rounded, lush and softly appointed furniture and fixtures, shying away from harsh corners and edges that dampen and cut the flow of energy and comfort. 

In our private office spaces, the walls are clean and open, with large windows to bring in natural light and almost allow you to feel up and away from the world outside, while still being plunged into our neighborhood’s beauty and quiet. 

In these offices, we recommend desk positions diagonal to the door, ready to welcome career success and opportunities. In Feng Shui terms, this will put you in the ‘command’ position. Ideally, you will have a solid wall behind your chair for support and keep your feet firmly on the ground. A good de-clutter of the space will also help, so file away any old documents and delete any unwanted files on your computer. Clear unfinished tasks such as returning phone calls and replying to emails. Finally, remind yourself of your accomplishments to attract more success by displaying any certificates, notes of thanks and other achievements that are special to you.

Kitchen and bathrooms are fitted with quieted faucets, a remarkable detail that lets the soft water flow evenly, even this channels positive chi energy. There is never too much attention to detail when minding one’s energy during times like these. With that said, never losing sight of the greatness ahead can also pull you through anything.

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