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All the perks of a Membership with Studio access and hours included. Come create.



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Enter Ampersand Studios and breathe in the air of creativity in our vibrant hive of talent. Visual and audio productions come to life in our dedicated studios and on our sound stage backed up by top-level amenities. When you want to create buzzing content, we’ve got you covered.


In these ever-changing times, we understand the need to adapt to new requirements, challenging budgets and demanding RFPs. Our new “&Content Creator” membership is designed to smooth your way as you join our creative family. All the benefits of a Resident Membership, providing you with office facility support, plus 15 inclusive hours to access our first-class production facilities, in an environment that inspires productivity.


Membership Includes:

Access Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
15 hours per month access to production studios
Up to 3 team members access
Vinyl backdrops
High-speed Wi-Fi
Spacious seating layouts for pre and post production
Access to members only events and workshops
Preferred Rates with partners for rental equipment


Bryan Dillard, Owner, Media Monsters


Production Studios
Content Rooms
Vinyl Backdrops
Rental Equipment
Production Services Access


ampersand studios miami coworking space with production studios

Gain access & spark your creativity with our thought-provoking Workshops, Panels & Journal essays.


Ampersand Studios, Miami, FL
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