Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks to Make Work Away From Home Easier


Whether you work remotely or are going on a business trip to a new destination, working while traveling can be a headache; things can get ugly when traveling for work by plane, depending on the length of flights, luggage, and finding time to work. No need to make life more complicated when a few easy travel hacks could save the day. 

Packing Tips


Packing can be annoying, whether it is a business trip or headed to a vacation destination. For work travel,  here are some tips to make the chore less tiresome:

1) Only pack carry on bags. Chances of losing checked bags are pretty high at airports. It’s better to keep a close eye on your valuables.

2) Hygienic and technological essentials should be packed. Extra chargers, toothbrushes, or business cards could save anyone from an inconvenient situation.

3) Invest in plastic garment bags or vacuum-sealable bags for your dressy business attire. Nobody likes a wrinkled suit or button-down shirt.

4) Just in case you do have time to go out and explore after work, pack some casual clothes. Especially if you travel with other employees, you might need a fun change of clothes for group hangouts or team-building exercises.

5) If traveling by plane, pack for easy access through security checkpoints. Don’t be silly by packing liquids or electronics that you know will make TSA checks longer. You need to put every electronic in its own separate bin for the conveyor belt. Moreover, plan to eat in the terminal, and don’t bring outside snacks in case they’re thrown away.

6) Especially if you frequently travel for work, invest in long-lasting, durable suitcases, and bags. It can be expensive, but it will save money in the long run. Bonus points if you buy a tiny digital scale that’s easy to store for avoiding extra costs on your suitcase weight.

7) Bring items for sleeping luxury, a.k.a. neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, blanket, etc.

Travel Hacks

Travel and work can be fun if done expertly. There’s no need to make traveling and working into a horrendous ordeal. Here are some hacks that even people on vacation should know.

1) Bring a treat for the flight and crew because they’re usually more tired than the passengers. If you offer them a fun snack outside of the airplane food menu, they’ll be grateful and be quicker to help you with anything. Catch more flies with honey!

2) If you’re on a budget, business or economy class are good mediums between an expensive first-class seat and a not so spacious coach seat.

3) If you are unhappy with an airline experience and either the flight attendants or help desk center were useless, take it to Twitter. Corporate Twitter accounts take claims seriously, while other commenters sympathize with your struggle.

4) If you find a cute gift or souvenir at the travel business location, ship it back to your final destination. This way, you avoid any hassle with suitcase weight and extra fees.

5) Stay hydrated! It’s hard when water can cost up to ten dollars at an airport terminal, so bring a reusable water bottle and keep thirst sated.

Business Travel Tips


If your place of business requires you to travel often, it’s important to invest in not only the present travel accommodations but also the future ones. Here are some travel hacks to make business affairs less worrisome.

1) Rewards programs can help you gain mileage points for just booking flights, even if you’re given a stipend to pay for tickets. This way, you can save with airlines, hotels, rental services, or credit cards of your choosing. Make sure to get a credit line without foreign fees.

2) Juice up your electronics the night before traveling; your laptop will be useless to you for work purposes if there’s no access to power outlets in the terminal or plane. Moreover, buy a portable phone charger to avoid losing battery on your most important communication tool.

3) Invest in TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to skip those nasty long lines.

4) There’s nothing more annoying than connecting flights. You might get a better deal for them, but how good can it be if you have a ten-hour layover. That’s definitely not a comfortable experience, so book a non-stop flight when possible.

5) Airport lounge memberships may seem too fancy, but they go a long way for comfort. If you’re often traveling and hate the pedestrian environment of a terminal, lounges are a sure way to make the experience luxurious.

6) Although technology and apps have come a long way for ticket confirmation, your phone could lose battery before TSA check or boarding, so print the tickets beforehand in case of emergencies.

7) If you do bring snacks, make sure it’s healthy and suitable for a long journey. Comfort food and snacks will help ease the discomfort.

Ampersand Studios

Ampersand Studios is an excellent resource if your job requires travel and needs space for meetings. It’s also perfect for a single employee who needs a professional island. Instead of working from the hotel bed or a cramped room, Ampersand Studios provides a trendy workspace alternative. With great rates, these workspace and creative environments can be booked for in various locations. Some of their membership packages include:

  • A private office for $1,250 a month, fully furnished with perks like wifi, parking, printer credits, 24/7 access, a business address, and access to building’s events and conference room hours.
  • A day pass for $25 that provides free wifi and access to the open phone booths and seats available to work at, perfect for a couple of days of work travel.
  • A conference room for $50 an hour, excellent for group travel work, a space for presentations and projects to be shared in a professional setting.


Traveling for work can be a relatively painless experience, providing there are planning and investment involved. Packing hacks, airline perks, and Ampersand Studios can make work travel an overall enjoyable experience, leaving stress out of the equation. With less to worry about, traveling employees can relish any time for themselves away from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives.

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