Tell us about Media Monsters – what do you guys do?

We are a full-service video production company that believes in the end product. We do this by capturing quality content, editing relatable content, then enhancing the product through VFX, 3D graphics, and professional coloring.

When and how did Media Monsters start?

In 2015 the idea of building a production team in Miami was sparked when Founder, Bryan Dillard moved to South Florida in search of talent. Using his connections and gift of gab he, along with Travers Robertson, manifested the vision into a reality. Team members have come and gone, but one thing remains consistent: we are all beasts at what we do. Media Monsters was born.

What backgrounds do your team members come from?

Our team is diverse in experience. Team members’ background range from photography, graphic design, and art school to sales, data management, and YouTube; ironically, none of us come from a traditional film background.

Passion for film-making has driven us all to pursue a career that we love. We are all creative and want to exercise our talents to turn heads.

What is your main goal for your business?

Our main goal for Media Monsters is to make strong content that means something. We want to tell stories that connect with people who believe in our ideology.

Do you see Media Monsters as disrupting the industry?

We have somewhat disrupted the event industry because we choose to immerse ourselves in the event to truly relive the experience through the viewer’s senses. We started incorporating storylines in event videos to create a more cohesive, unique recap people won’t soon forget.

How did you choose to base yourselves in Miami?

Miami is the largest city close to home. Most of us are from different parts of Florida. To collaborate with some of the best in the industry we needed to give ourselves a chance to find those creatives.

What are your next steps for the company?

Our steps are always forward. Whether that means growing in size or clients, we will always strive to progress as people, as creatives, and as a team.

Where do you want to see the company in 5 years?

Bigger and better. A monster stays hungry and stays competitive, so our vision is to make the name Media Monsters known not only throughout the event industry but also the film and cinema industry.

Why did you choose to work at a coworking space – what is your favorite thing about Ampersand?

We chose Ampersand Studios because we saw the potential of the connections we could make in the film industry. Our favorite things about Ampersand are the atmosphere, location, and the proximity to other creatives.

You guys sound awesome – how can readers find out more about you?

Our website is and our social media is