Let’s Move Forward, Safely Together

In this new era, the health and safety of our members and staff continues to be our top priority. As a trusted workplace provider to companies of all sizes in Miami, we remain committed to delivering an elevated workspace experience in an environment that preserves Members’ safety and wellness.


Therefore we have taken some necessary, mindful steps to promote wellbeing in our workspace. Our new policies and procedures offer our members viable solutions for navigating through our space carefully, as they go back to concentrating on being creative and productive. 


We’re also stepping up ahead of the curve as Health & Safety guidelines change. We will continue to proactively update our guidelines with the guidance and advice of the CDC, WHO, and local government officials.


Enhanced Health & Safety Standards

We have implemented daily temperature/symptom screening for everyone entering the building and will ensure that masks are worn at all times.


Disinfection & Sanitization:

We will continue cleaning and sanitizing all high-traffic areas and high-frequency touchpoints throughout the day.


Touch-Free Sanitizer Dispensers:

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at the building entrance and located throughout the whole building.


Air Quality Enhancements

To increase fresh airflow in the building, our HVAC systems have been updated to meet higher air filtration efficiency standards and we will be running them for additional hours.


Reconfiguration and Physical Distancing

We want to ensure that our members can get back to work in a safe and healthy work environment so we have reconfigured and enhanced our space layout. Also, to assist members with physical distancing, we have reduced occupancy and modified common areas and communal seating spaces,


Helpful Signage

Visual signage, mindfully placed throughout our space, reminds members and guests of our safety and spacing guidelines.


One-way walk flow

We have placed one-way walking paths with directional signage in high-traffic hallways and corridors to prevent members being in contact while crossing paths.


We recognize that space and wellness requirements are paramount and these measures are intended to protect the wellbeing of our Ampersand Studios community.


An inviting environment that combines authentic, yet unexpected facilities with a high-degree of smart, individualized services.
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An inviting environment that combines authentic, yet unexpected facilities with a high-degree of smart, individualized services.
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